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DMA Arts & Letters Live presents - Tom Vanderbilt

Dallas Museum of Art

If you’ve ever wondered how Netflix recommends movies, why we venerate artists who were controversial or ignored during their lifetimes, or why books often see a sudden decline in Amazon ratings after they win a major prize, Tom Vanderbilt has the answers. His newest book dives into the subject of why we like the things we like, why we hate the things we hate, and what our preferences reveal about us. In You May Also Like: Taste in an Age of Endless Choice, Vanderbilt navigates psychology, marketing, and neuroscience to explore the elusive beast of taste. 

From our food taste to our insecurity before unfamiliar works of art to the complex dynamics of our playlists, our preferences and opinions are shaped by countless forces. And in the digital age, a nonstop procession of “thumbs up” and “likes” and “stars” is helping dictate our choices. You May Also Like is a joyous intellectual journey that helps us better understand how we perceive, judge, and appreciate the world around us.

Vanderbilt has written for many publications, including the New York Times Magazine, the Wall Street Journal Magazine, and Smithsonian, among others. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us) and Survival City: Adventures Among the Ruins of Atomic America

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