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Art Exhibition: Witness to History - Painting The Stories of An Ancient Land

4401 Travis St #2

Though a young country, Pakistan has an ancient history, geography, culture, and literary and artistic roots; it is a land shaped by cultural, economic and political influences from great empires and civilizations of yore, including the Greek, the Persian, the Mughal and the British. Pakistani art has borne witness to the history of this multi-faceted nation while documenting the story of the survival, strength, and grace of a changing nation, which Newsweek has called “The World’s Bravest Nation” on one of its covers.

"Witness To History" shows works by artists that revel in their mastery over technique, color, light, form and movement.  You'll see works inspired by the great Western art movements like impressionism, cubism, pointillism and those keeping alive the great Eastern artistic traditions of Mughal miniature painting and calligraphy. For all this diversity, there is one thing common to these masterpieces: they pay homage to, and document, Pakistan’s creative heritage and its dynamic history and culture. And in doing so, they themselves become part of a vibrant body of evidence for future historians.


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4401 Travis St #2 · Dallas, TX 75205

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