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Nic Nicosia: at home on time

Erin Cluley Gallery

Join the Erin Cluley Gallery for Nic Nicosia: at Home on Time.

In his current photographic series living (in) rooms, Nic Nicosia creates interior portraits of homes where his work already resides but with added elements such as sculpture and drawings.  Throughout a 38-year career, architecture—interior spaces in particular—has been an interest and an integral part of his staged photographs as well as his private portrait commissions. Nicosia shows his understanding of one’s living space – how it conveys the personalities and interest of the inhabitants and how it can function as a surrogate portrait. As he stages the lighting and adds sculptural objects (figures, flowers, birds, playful characters or his time-based drawings), Nicosia is controlling and adding new information.  The homes become his ready-made sets completed with adding “props” and directing pets and family members – interjecting his wit and sensibility along the way.

Nic Nicosia: at Home on Time will include photographs, drawings and sculpture made after his return to Dallas from 11 years living in Santa Fe, NM. 


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414 Fabrication Street · Dallas, TX 75212