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Shoby Modjarrad: 1DAY - Series II

Jen Mauldin Gallery

Artist: Shoby Modjarrad
Exhibition: 1 Day, Series II
Exhibition Dates: April 1st - 30th, 2017
Opening: April 1st, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Artist Talk:  April 20th, 6:30 - 9:30 pm

Jen Mauldin Gallery is pleased to present Shoby Modjarrad in a solo exhibition entitled 1 Day, Series II. The artist will be in attendence for the opening on Saturday, April 1st.

1 DAY is based on a series of small hand-crafted drawings, based on the objects that we encounter on a daily basis. Shoby has distorted the size and perspective of these objects as to create a unique point of view because their impact is much larger than meets the eye, so it’s necessary to shift our perspective while looking at these objects.  A vast amount of energy, thought, and engineering exists behind such innovations; yet we use them for a fraction of their lifetime. We have become so dependent on many of these items, if not all of them. In fact, they are nothing but disposable, everyday items to us. Imagine seven billion people using these plastic objects every day in the world.  Even if some were being recycled, there is a lot of energy involved to incinerate those that can be melted and reused, most of these do not get recycled.

The pieces that make up this collection were gathered from the lakeside, off the street and out of her own usage. They are drawn as they were found.

Shoby Modjarrad deeply values the beauty that exists all around her and is increasingly mindful of her impact on nature and the environment. As an artist, she invites her audience to see the world through her discerning eyes. Her love for the colors and details in nature serves as a constant teacher and perhaps most heavily influences what and how she chooses to create. Yet, there is another aspect to her process that is unapologetically shaped by several years of experience in architecture.

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