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Dallas Center for Photography Speaker Series: JB and Susan Harlin

Dallas Center for Photography

Fully committed: Married to their craft and each other.

DCP and Texas Photographic Society are proud to present an evening lecture by two talented and dedicated photographers: JB and Susan Harlin.

JB and Susan Harlin are on a mission to capture their world with camera and film. They view this as a life-long project of seeing, learning and doing. Capturing the moment, to be preserved in a photograph requires dedication, patience and knowledge of craft. They travel repeatedly to places that inspire and stimulate their creativity.

Both artists work with film sizes that range from 4×10 to 16×20 inches. Using very large cameras and film allows a greater feeling of texture and reality not achievable with other media. Most of the finished photographs are created by placing these large negatives directly in contact with the printing paper. The resulting contact print has a look and feel all its own.

JB and Susan do not follow fads, nor subscribe to the latest “here today, gone tomorrow” ideas that seem to plague the modern day hurried way of life. They create their photographs using time-honored tools, working solely with film and traditional photographic paper in the wet darkroom. The tools and equipment they use are a mixture of custom modified commercial photographic paraphernalia and custom built from scratch equipment. All of this is done in their own garage workshop. Little of the tools they use have not been in some way modified by JB.

The jbhphoto.com web site has been online for over ten years. It contains a wealth of photographic information, as well as examples of the artist’s work, their regularly updated blog and snapshot albums of their travels.

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