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Introduction to DSLR Video

Dallas Center for Photography

The acquisition of high quality video with affordable DSLR cameras along with powerful and inexpensive editing software has opened up a new world of video production. Combine that with the internet offering free distribution to a global audience at cinema quality and you have a digital golden age of motion picture story telling.

In this intensive two day workshop you’ll be introduced to the tools and techniques of DSLR video production. In the morning you’ll learn from demonstrations and an overview of cameras, lighting, sound, editing and directing approaches. You and your fellow attendees will help the instructor and her assistant produce a short video followed by a live edit session where you’ll watch and interact as the finished piece comes together. By the end of the second day you’ll be able to sit back enjoy a completed video with graphics, effects and music demonstrating the techniques covered.

The workshop starts each day promptly at 8:00am and ends at 5:00pm with a half hour lunch break. The cost of lunch is included.

Bring your camera, lens(es), battery, empty memory card(s), tripod and something to take notes with.

This workshop is for you if you want to learn how to shoot engaging, quality video with your DSLR. We’ll go beyond basic button and menu settings into some of the more challenging and rewarding elements of video production. Whether you’re an amateur photographer wanting to make memorable family videos or a professional still shooter looking to offer video services to your clients, you’ll come away with new knowledge, skills and an appreciation for what video can do.


  • Why DSLR video has mushroomed into an entire industry.
  • Camera basics: sensor size, frame rates, ISO noise issues, shutter roll, resolution, compression, lens choices, focus.
  • Video aesthetics and production values: complexity and cost, when to keep it simple, camera movement, basic composition, shooting to the edit, directing people, managing the eyeline in interviews, thinking in time and sequence instead of individual still shots.
  • Lighting: ambient vs what you bring with you, ISO and DOF considerations, DIY tools, light modifiers, basic lighting kits.
  • Sound: mic choices and placement, recording devices, syncing sound.
  • Editing: hardware and software considerations, when less is more, using stills and sequences, music choices.

There will be a lot of information covered, some of it with depth, other times just a look at the major ideas and choices available. We will also be offering a series of separate evening classes that will dig deeper into the different aspects of production like lighting, sound, camera movement and editing.

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  • $480-$515

4756 Algiers St. · Dallas, TX 75207