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Neighborhood of Infinity

Galleri Urbane - Dallas

Galleri Urbane is pleased to welcome Houston-based artist Heath West for his first solo exhibition with the gallery. West’s colorful works on linen and paper reference the histories of painting and architecture in combination with framing elements reminiscent of classical cinema. Through his use of perspective, West activates the two-dimensional plane as a construction of space and color with subtle personal and emotional clues of meaning within his works. These pieces of painted evidence combine traditional drafting techniques with contemporary color usage to continuously refresh a classical studio practice.

In this body of work, West investigates the historic relationship between realism and spatial abstraction. Often utilizing interiors, the paintings parallel architectural space with a combination of texture through brushstrokes and constructed volumes of color. The space of the works, however, remain plastic. Laying color next to color, the flatness of the painting is forefront while simultaneously possessing a structured space through chromatic pairings. Added figures and other recognizable objects play into this illusion while remaining separate, as though collaged above the surface. Thus, making the work elusive, mirroring the practice of contemporary painting.

Heath West holds a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University, a Master of Architecture from the University of Houston, and attended the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He has participated in shows at Harper’s Books in East Hampton, New York, Erratum Galerie in Berlin, Big Medium in Austin, Hello Project in Houston, and had his first solo show in 2015 at Castor Gallery in New York City.

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