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Galleri Urbane - Dallas

Lucy Kirkman Allen joins Galleri Urbane from Virginia for her first solo show When a Man’s House is Finished. Her work small in scale with delicate yet impactful imagery: quiet, expressive, and personal. Using gestural lines and loose strokes of paint, the shallow layering of marks in Allen’s works, create a haze like that of a memory.

After meeting a man named James and beginning to work in his family’s dilapidated farmhouse, Allen was inspired by old family photographs he shared with her. The images had a haunting quality that stayed with her long after viewing. When a Man’s House is Finished is a series of paintings with chromatically rich blacks and whites depicting the women and children who lived there.

Lucy Kirkman Allen was born in Virginia, studied at the Cooper Union in New York, NY and was a Harriet Hale Woolley Scholar at the Foundation des Etats-Unis in Paris, France. 2011-2014 she worked in Dallas, TX, where she and her partner Justin Hunter Allen co- directed the experimental gallery Studio DTFU and were founding members of the Socialized Contemporary Artists Bureau (SCAB), a network of artist-run exhibition spaces. She now works in Onema, VA and cooperatively runs the Serendipity: Williams House gallery and The Airplant Project. Her latest solo painting exhibition Rabbit was held at Locker 95 Gallery at University of Texas, Austin. Kirkman Allen has exhibited at the Dallas

Contemporary, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Biennial, Homeland Security, New Age Drinks, and the Harriet Hale Woolley Gallery. Her work in painting and curating has been covered in publications such as Art in America, FDLuxe, Glasstire, Dallas Observer, D Magazine, and Lonny. 

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