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Animation Lab Pilot Day
The Grove, Dallas Coworking

10 a.m. - 3 p.m. $35.00

This Saturday Camp will be a sort of "crash course" in animation concepts. It's a great intro for kids who haven't attended a camp yet, but I welcome kids who have been to many of my past programs.

As it's a "pilot," here are a few things I need you to know and consider before signing up:

I'll have attendees give me feedback at the end of the day, and I will also ask parents to complete a brief survey before and after camp. (This is the reason for the low-cost to attend; I need your help!)

I welcome campers bringing any toys, games, devices, apps or ideas to this program, as I am trying to generate ideas to develop a week-long program.

Pizza lunch is included, and if you pick up and drop off "on-time," I can walk your child to a spot on Record Street so you can avoid parking downtown.

Camp is best for children second through fifth grade (please ask me if you have an outlier, though, as I will consider anything for this pilot program)

Camp is best for "beginners," but I will be glad to have more experienced campers attend and act as "helpers"

If you have/plan to sign your child up for the weekend Animation Lab in April, I will give you a discount code for $15 off of this one.

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  • $35
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