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Parenting Power Hour

Plano Public Library System - Haggard Library

Hear from experts each month that will answer your questions and empower you to be a better parent! Presented in partnership with This Side Up Family. Power Hours will be followed by one-on-one coaching from parenting experts. To register for a one-on-one session, visit thissideupfamily.org.  Adults

Spring Topics 

  • Jan 17 - Allowances & Money - Guidance on what to give, when to give, and what to pay for.
  • Feb 21 - Internet Safety & Sexting - Tech-savvy kids do not always comprehend the safety risks of online activity and social media. Learn how to keep your children safe
  • Mar 21 - She Hit Me First! - Sibling rivalry is annoying for parents, but normal behavior. Learn about the growth of social and conflict resolution skills, and create a win-win situation in your home.
  • Apr 18 - Are We Born That Way? - Researchers Thomas and Chess identified three temperaments: Easy, Slow to Warm, and Difficult. Learn how to use different parenting strategies with different personalities to help you create a more harmonious family.
  • May 16 - When Nagging Doesn’t Work - Discipline is not easy, even for experienced parents. We will discuss effective positive discipline, strategies that don’t work, and the wisdom to know the difference.


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