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Arno Kortschot - Captured

Captured, an exhibition of new sculptures by Arno Kortschot, will be on display from March 19 to April 16, at William Campbell Contemporary Art. A reception for the artist will be held on Fort Worth Art Dealers Association (FWADA) Spring Gallery Night, Saturday, March 19, from noon to 9:00 p.m. The show will feature Kortschot’s slick geometric sculptures, coated with velvety zinc and punctuated by precisely defined areas of color. The collection will be installed as a combination of freestanding, leaning, and wall-mounted pieces. Captured marks Kortschot’s first solo exhibition at William Campbell Contemporary Art.

 Largely informed by the art and architecture of his native Netherlands, Kortschot’s sculptures consist of austere forms that reflect traditional elements of minimalism and geometric abstraction. The artist focuses on highlighting planar surfaces and the ways they relate to one another, both materially and visually. Ordered lines and angles converge, carving out their own space within the space to establish presence and inspire thoughtful interaction with viewers. Kortschot in fact refers to his work as “purely a spatial concept,” wherein he seeks to provide onlookers with a “visceral, physical experience.” 

 Zinc is Kortschot’s primary medium, chosen for its ability to reflect the artist’s minimalist sensibility, while at the same time lending a “timeless and imperfect character” to the work. The artist is drawn to the material for its unadorned feel as well as the natural, organic aspects it lends to his three-dimensional pieces. “The patina of zinc, created over time through air, the environment, and especially by a person’s touch, brings out the unique character and is considered a part of the art,” he explains.

 Kortschot augments his monochromatic zinc planes with hard-edged swaths of vivid color that emphasize the form and space specific to each piece. Fully integrated within the work, the bright hues often appear as if the zinc curtain has been pulled back to expose the form’s most fundamental, dynamic element. Some sculptures also incorporate light, which produces a subtle glow from within, adding dimension and revealing the palpable energy contained inside each piece.

 Captured harnesses the intersection of aesthetic and tangible concerns within Kortschot’s artwork. Pared down to their most essential elements, his pieces are non-referential and universal. They engender a conversation between art and viewer about structure and form—about how these objects impact the space and influence thought processes. Moreover, they underscore the wonder to be found in the most simplistic forms via color, shape, light reflection, and line intersection.

 Kortschot writes: “These objects are directions to see things differently and to experience the beauty of minimal concepts; to recognize, to appreciate, and to be inspired to change the way of looking at things and your daily surroundings. In fact, they will give the opportunity to travel further than any landscape will do.”


 Born in the Netherlands, Arno Kortschot now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. He embarked on his fine art career in 1990, and since that time has exhibited work throughout his native country and Canada, as well as in Germany. In the United States, his sculpture has appeared at venues in Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Palm Springs, and Costa Mesa, California.

Kortschot has received commissions to create works for a number of public and private collections, including the Sanders Collection, which acquired three pieces to include in its Architectural Solutions collection in 2014. He has been featured in Collect, Western Living, Art NL, and Elle magazines; the Vancouver Sun; and on the television show, Avro’s Kunstblik.

 Arno Kortschot earned his BFA in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kampen, the Netherlands.


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