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Focus Gallery Two: intricate patterns

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Focusing on how one creates visual thoughts, I examine the intersection that occurs between the objects and spaces we have encountered. The inherent fragmentation of our thoughts is intriguing because it is not always consciously understandable. Therefore, I look to the outside world to structure and ground my internal perceptions of culture, existence, migration, patterns and movement. The surface is worked like an act of mulling over an event or feeling. Each layer is continually marked out, painted over and sanded through in a search to reveal and conceal this dialogue. The thread or the thickness of the surface is an attempt at making these contemplative spaces tangible. I want to capture the spaces in-between a moment that feels real and a moment when those emotions have dissipated. Moreover, I am using objects that resonate with me personally like the internal structure of a building and/or a net to create an archetypal image. Throughout this creative process, I am continually searching for the quiet, contemplative, and peaceful points where the thoughts and states of being collide.--Sarah Wisemam

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1300 Gendy Street · Fort Worth, TX 76107