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The Trial

Bath House Cultural Center

One + One Players Productions, Inc., presents a multi-media staged reading of Orson Welles’ adaptation of The Trial by Franz Kafka at the Bath House Cultural Center.  Two performances only, on January 27 and 28, 2023.

The story of The Trial might never have been told. Franz Kafka, upon his death, had given orders to his friend and literary manager Max Brod to have his unpublished works destroyed. Fortunately for the world, Brod disobeyed Kafka's wishes and Der Prozess was published a year after Kafka's death from tuberculosis in 1925. 

The story of how The Trial became a film by Orson Welles is probably even stranger. According to Welles in an interview, the producer, Alexander Salkind, offered a list of eighty-two book titles for Welles to make a movie from. The Trial was the only one on the list that remotely interested him. Released in 1962, The Trial was a European art film up against the likes of LolitaJules et Jim and Sanjuro; and, while lauded for its "Wellesian" quality, it nevertheless disappeared shortly after distribution, not to be seen until decades later. Upon its restoration and re-evaluation, The Trial attained new grace. 

Both Kafka's original themes of guilt and paranoia and Welles' embellishment of psycho-solipsism and societal corruption, make The Trial, as staged for The Bath House Cultural Center, a valid, salient statement on our current times. 

Produced by Dan Burkarth

Directed by Louis Roth 

Technical Director—Stewart Mikkelsen 

Cast: Dan Burkarth, Louis Roth, Trey Birkhead, Joseph Kanitas, Linda Coleman, Donatelle Mascari, Rowan Gilvie, James Kille, Greg Anderson, and Mark Stoddard.

There will be a Q&A at the end of the show.


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