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Victoria J Brill: "tell me, again" solo exhibition

Pencil on Paper Gallery

tell me, again.

A request for clarity, reassurance, or renewed familiarity for fear of forgetfulness. In her first solo exhibition since 2018, victoria j brill explores the power of personal and generational storytelling and the transience of memory.

All history becomes subjective. What truths are chosen to be held tightly, and what is lost to time, can have a profound effect on one’s identity. As each moment is interpreted through our own lens of experience and understanding, we connect new strands of information to the web of our personal story. With reflections of herself as companions, brill grapples with the mutability of memory and her identity under construction.

This deeply personal body of work transforms the artist’s likeness into multitudes, creating a series of imagined moments. They surround and mirror each other, all engaging in quiet conversation with their own reflection. These luminous, larger-than-life, and often in-flux echoes hold, lean on, and look after one another as the artist pulls apart her understanding of herself and her place in the real and possible. With eyes closed, lids fluttering, glancing downward or off into the distance, brill’s figures evoke moments of quiet felt while recalling the past and considering the next move forward.

These reflective works remind us all to consider and honor who we are, what we’ve survived and where we’ve come from.

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