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CHROMA, featuring Matt Devine, Gian Garofalo, and Katherine Houston

Laura Rathe Fine Art

Having long subscribed to Kandinsky's belief that “Color is a power which directly influences the soul”, Laura Rathe Fine Art will round out this year in celebration of this notion with its newest exhibition, CHROMA, featuring works by artists Matt Devine, Gian Garofalo, and Katherine Houston. 

In their individual observations, Devine, Garofalo, and Houston push the bounds of color using geometry and form. The shapes and patterns created by these artists introduce new chromatic experiences beyond the scope of the naked eye. 

With each piece, Devine focuses on a singular color, giving it materiality through his undulating and geometric forms that are seamlessly welded together. By rhythmically building up both his wall-mounted and freestanding sculptures from 2D elements, he upholds linearity in his spatial examinations and evokes the physicality of his craft, ultimately, reshaping our direct view of color. 

Garofalo’s unique drip-technique combines numerous delineated strips of color on a single panel, punctuating the work by suspended droplets of paint at the bottom that simultaneously highlight and challenge gravity. These precise vertical forms are rendered optically illusive, as his vibrant pigments both blend and separate, paradoxically blurring the lines between rigidity and fluidity of color. 

Houston is a reverse painter who uses color-blocking to show the interaction of hues as separate identities. Her acrylic, prism-like cubes each display shades of singular colors, but when composed together as an installation, they offer viewers a transformative exploration of light. The exhibition will also feature her noted multicolor acrylic Sticks. 

Image: Matt Devine, 56 Chevy, 36 x 36 in; © Matt Devine, Image courtesy the artist

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