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Cirque Du Horror

Cirque du Horror Tent


Halloween is many things. It is ancient. It is modern. It is funny and scary, festive and frightening. It is also an outlet of creativity for both the young and the old, throughout the world. It is the herald of fall and its harvest, signaling the approach of cooler weather and that special change in the air that comes with it - that certain crispness that announces a time of celebration. Halloween reminds us of youth and carefree spirits, for it is a time when the average person gets to be, for that one special night, someone - or someTHING else.

Cirque du Horror is meant to harken back to that earlier, simpler time. A time of youth, and of make believe. Let Cirque du Horror take you on a musical journey, transporting you to another time and place. Perhaps a time where sideshows and gypsy carnivals traveled the countryside performing where they could, often on grassy clearings just outside of town, right before the deep, dark woods. Or maybe where oil lamp and candlelight guided you through rain-soaked muddy streets and dark alleyways, dodging horse and buggy, to a massive, striped tent where there waited both wonders and horrors alike. Inside, perhaps a bearded lady and a hall of mirrors awaited to make you laugh and chuckle, or perhaps you would find grisly tales and ghostly visions to send chills down your spine…

All of this is Cirque du Horror, a show that screams ( if you’ll pardon the pun ) Halloween. A little fright and a little laughter, with a touch of eye of newt and tail of rat. It was created with the sole intention of providing Halloween entertainment that lies somewhere between “too scary” and “not enough.” Appropriate for the entire family, it is a delightful descent into the macabre - a collection of bone-chilling poems, spine-tingling short stories and spooky songs, guaranteed to have you jump from your chair with fright, split your sides with laughter, and raise every hair on the back of your neck.

Now sit back, rela - wait! what was that sound? Oh, probably just the wind….. as I was saying, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


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  • $0-$20

126 E. Oak Street · Denton, TX 76201

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