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Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival Grand Finale

Majestic Theatre

Ida Y Vuelta Flamenco presents the long awaited production Flamenco Fever - Memorias Flamencas  featuring the father of flamenco jazz, Jorge Pardo, world- renowned flute and saxophone artist.    After winning a Grammy as a contributor in Chick Corea's Best Latin Jazz Album “Antidote” was not able to visit Dallas for the original dates, due Covid travel restrictions.  Mr. Pardo’s music will be emulated by some of DFW’s top jazz musicians and guests from around the world:  Including 2 male dancers, 3 singers and 2 guitarists, local percussionist, bassist and pianist and 5 professional dancers, and 6 students in this long awaited performance seven years in the making. (bio’s below)

“Memorias Flamencas” is part of Flamenco Fever’s ambitious Fusion Series. Since 2016.  Julia Alcántara, company founder, has been co-producing with various companies to expand and educate the flamenco fan base in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  She is pleased to introduce the internationally awarded Spanish jazz artist, Jorge Pardo, to Dallas. His sophisticated blend of jazz and flamenco tests the boundaries of both forms yet retains the true essence of each genre. The passionate blend is engaging and intense, using all the breaks necessary for authentic flamenco. Yet, strangely, no one has ever done an entire dance concert to his music. Ms. Alcántara dreamed of making this happen for decades as an homage to the genius whose compositions, no matter how innovative, never lost respect for the original genre. Now, in Dallas, TX such a concert debuts, with an all-star cast of dancers and musicians from around the world.   Ms Alcantara, and her star studded team, have created distinctive choreography to match the uniqueness of Mr. Pardo’s music, and tell a powerful story.


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  • $25-$75
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  • Saturday, October 8, 2022 @ 8:00 pm     2022-10-08 20:00:00 2022-10-08 23:00:00 America/Chicago Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival Grand Finale //artandseek.org/calendar/event/114167/oak-cliff-flamenco-festival-grand-finale Majestic Theatre, 1925 Elm Street, Dallas, TX, 75201

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