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Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival Tablao Show


Do not miss this special evening of music & dance in the intimate setting of Artstillery Oak Cliff. World Class Flamenco Jazz musicians and Dancers from around the world will take the stage with a few local favorites to give you the full extent of their genius. This show will be up close, and personal!

Come hear your favorite Jazz standards played in new way by these virtuoso musicians. Cameo appearances by dancers will complete the evening of authentic flamenco jazz, as you have never seen before.

“There are musicians that are masters in what they do, but are stumbling into other musical styles; others are able to mix languages easily, but only a few are authentic alchemists, those that know the nature and properties of the metals they want to melt, and know how to obtain through that alchemy pure art.”Faustino Nunez9 Artists take the stage at Artstillery for an unforgettable evening.

“Memorias Flamencas” comes to us as part of Ida y Vuelta’s Flamenco Fusion Series. Since 2016 Julia Alcantara has been co-producing with various companies in an effort to expand and educate the flamenco fan base in DFW. Each concert was an enlightening and entertaining experience for the cast and audience alike. Now she is pleased to introduce the father of Flamenco Jazz, Jorge Pardo to Dallas as the headliner for the VIII Annual Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival.

Mr Pardo’s 20 discography has won him prestigious awards, including the “Greatest living Musician on the European Continent” by the French Academy of Jazz & the "Premio Nacional de las Músicas Actuales" from the Ministry and Culture and education in Spain. This concert will prove to be an awe inspiring evening of dazzling talent and stellar musical prowess.

Jorge Pardo - Flute/Sax
Ricardo Garcia "Rubi" - Guitar
Aroa Fernandez - Cante/singer
FROM MADRIDMariano Manzella - Guitar/Cante
Sol La Argentinita - Baile/Cante
Jorge Robledo - Baile

Paco Fernandez - Male Dancer

Julia Alcantara - Baile
Luckie Abejorro - Cajon
Fifo Rengifo - Bass

Many are unaware that the real stars of many flamenco concerts are the amazing musicians that accompany the dancers.While the dancers are captivating, none of their magic could happen without the incredible talents in the back of the stage that follow their every move with melody and rhythm.
In this show we give our musicians their due time in the lime light: The Singers, Guitarists, Percussionists and more that have dedicated their lives to this complex art form. Come and be amazed!
Dancers will make cameo appearances to round out the show!

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  • $10-$25

723 Fort Worth Ave. · Dallas, TX 75208

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