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Talking Dirty After Dark: Live storytelling event

The Wild Detectives

Join us Saturday Sept. 24 for our monthly storytelling event "Talking Dirty After Dark" at Wild Detectives.

Storytelling is a practiced tradition throughout all cultures. When combined with theatrics and improvisation a storyteller can paint picture through words and movement. Talking Dirty after dark is a live storytelling event that combines the art of storytelling with performance and music. The stories performed by the artist are firsthand accounts and completely true. This is an open content event and some colorful language may be used during the telling of these stories sensitive listeners please advise.

This event is accompanied by a Mezcal tasting sponsored by De Nopales Native Imports.

From seed to bottle Mezcal Descartes comes from the central valleys of Oaxaca. This agave Espadin is cut when mature at 8 years to capture all the sweetness is has been gifted from mother nature. Then cooked in an earth pit oven and fermented in wooden vats out in the open air. After its double distilled in Cooper stills and only bottling the purest/cleanest part of the distillation.

Mezcal Descartes has won gold in the national level and best mezcal over all in international competitions in witch more than 300 brands compete In.

Cover $10

Join us at Wild Detectives Saturday Sept. 24th 9 - 10:30 p.m.


  • $10

314 W. 8th St · Dallas, TX 75208