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Kettle Art

Kettle Art presents Mixaphorical a group show featuring Justin Clumpner, Julia de Leon, Clint Scism and special guest Mark S. Nelson. Please join us for the artists opening reception, Thursday September 8 from 6 to 9pm.
Mixaphorical: will open your eyes to beauty while presenting commentary on modern life, social issues, our beliefs and how they relate to the world around us. Through beautiful imagery, these 4 artist will blur the lines between metaphor and reality in an array shapes and color.

Justin Clumpner :
Justin Clumpner’s work depicts symbolic narratives built around portraiture, looking to our contemporary existence to find the maddening, the ironic, and the absurd. He uses this imagery to create secular icons of morality inspired by the stained glass windows and illuminated manuscripts that were ever-present in his upbringing. His current work explores his doubts and fears about raising his daughters to be prepared for an uncertain world.

Julia de Leon:
Julia de Leon is a Learning Specialist for a local non-profit that
focuses on youth Art-enrichment and Social emotional learning. She
creates vibrant artworks that address themes of identity and gender
expression. Her works are often figurative illustrations that bounce
between cute and creepy.

Clint Scism:
Clint Scism is an Artist in Dallas with a graphic arts background. His work in ink and in wire are presented so that they drop shadows. In this way the work affects the world around it physically while presenting imagery that relates to mythology, humanity and nature.

Mark Nelson:
Mark Shane Nelson is a dallas-based artist represented by RO2 gallery.
This current body of work titled Entanglement is an exploration of
overlapping and intertwining relationships with the complex world
around us.

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