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Artist Rita Cook presents the Self Portrait Mirror Series

E Gallery Studios  

E Gallery Studios presents Self Portrait

Artist Rita Cook’s series Self Portrait on mirror and glass is about looking at oneself through the art with an eye toward the soul.

The artist’s abstract work begins with an expression seen through her decades of writing words that are now being expressed wordlessly in a genre that creates from a different part of the psyche.

With a hint of Lyrical Abstraction meets Orphism Rita’s style uses colors and expressions that echo infinite forms and reflections. A swirling combination of what one of her strong influence’s Wassilly Kadinsky (a pioneer of abstract modern art) might have said was “the artist training not only her eye, but her soul.”

“As a writer for many years and now having the expression of art I have quickly realized art is the story I am writing without using words,” Rita explains. “My ability to be a world citizen and now communicating in a language everyone speaks, this is a powerful universal code of images and colors that communicates directly to the subconscious mind.”

By using mirrors and glass in her art, the artist’s symbolism takes the expression further as this median offers innumerable symbolic connotations for the audience to decipher while confronting the existence of their own reflection. And that reflection, as Cook stated of her Self-Portrait series “becomes the inner portrait of what you see, as who you think you are - each of our reflections will be very different.”

Thus is the story of Rita’s mirror series Self-Portrait.




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