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Ender Martos: Paradigm Shift


Artspace111 presents Paradigm Shift, by Texan-Venezuelan artist Ender Martos. A paradigm shift is an intense transformative process that lacks a true beginning, middle, and end. Martos’ upcoming show celebrates this concept through a carefully thought-out presentation of curated wall pieces created through the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as a brand new series where the artist explores new materials that help convey a sensation of shifting process and movement. The exhibit will showcase dynamic three-dimensional wall sculptures created with monofilament, colored acrylic mirror and other media.  

In the pursuit of elevating our perspectives, Martos’ artworks often call for unchoreographed movement from viewers. As with some of the pieces, motions are reflected and abstracted back at us through acrylic mirror, challenging our ideas of what is actually on display. Although images of the sculptures seem to be computer-generated, a calming sense of naturalness can be found in their unity. In a time where change is the only constant, it is important to acknowledge the unique response that is Paradigm Shift. Visually, Paradigm Shift presents a labyrinth of geometry, precise lines, and vibrant colors. Conceptually, the series asks viewers to change their perspectives and allow a shift of thinking, a practice that we all could apply to our daily lives.

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