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Eclectic Shine by Amy Daniels

Msanii HOUS Fine Art

In her first solo exhibition, Abstract Expressionist, Amy Daniels challenges society’s view of what art is as she explores the viewers’ perception in parallel to her own. Daniels notes, “When I create, I create from a sacred place.  My personal expression has very little if anything to do with the viewer’s perception.”

This honest and uninhibited collection of Daniels’ paintings is refreshing in a world that often dissuades individuality. This body of work is certain to incite dialogue around the significance of the viewer’s perception of a work of art.  Daniels believes that the viewer’s perception is a critical part of a work of art’s story and is oftentimes ignored in lieu of the artist’s motivation for creation.  Daniels goes on to say, “Every time a new version of a story about my work is manifested, it breathes new life into it.  It’s like a collaboration with the viewer where we paint the same piece over and over from different vantage points.  I feel that every work of art should have as many backstories as it has viewers.”

“Eclectic Shine” opens at Msanii HOUS Fine Art on June 24th and is on view through August 6th.  The opening reception is on July 1st from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM.


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