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500X Gallery

Emmar Grant's solo show, γ (gamma), begins on June 11, at the 500X Gallery in Dallas.  We have an opening at 7pm that night, and the art will be shown Saturdays and Sundays from Noon to 5 for a month.  It will be a projection based show including projection onto transparent materials that I consider holograms.  
γ (gamma), a word that bolts onto unsuspecting terms in science, color, economics,
and medicine.  In early 2022, we began fearing the gamma radiation of nuclear bombs, again.  Gamma radiation, tiny particles that lacerate the body, can kill or mutate you.  As can Covid-19, inflation, bullets, and semen.  They can all mutate or kill you.  

We don't fight any of this, we normalize it.  

During 2020, I would awake from deep dreams in a startle.  My mind in a state that I
would describe as shock.  Separate from other people, I wondered if the dreams
were my gamma waves meeting another's gamma waves.  
The most noteworthy was a dream of two people, filled with lightning, holding
one another.  When I woke, I didn't feel joy.  It felt like a concussion.  
I couldn't think, just stare and try to remember the whole dream.

γ (gamma) is an art installation of holographic works by Emmar Grant.  
Underwater photography, video effects, and projection mapping
create an environment of acidic light.  A.I sound is used to provide an auditory
patina of cheap perfume.  Projection art that haunts.

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