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Bereah Album Release with Jacob Metcalf and Kelly Upshaw

Bearded Monk

This Joy is Hard to Hold,” the debut album by the Denton, TX band Bereah consists of a collection of songs that have been kicking around inside the mind of Angel Weaver for the better part of ten years. This record, and the decade it spent marinating, is a simulacrum of the experience of being a young adult in the 2010s and 2020s, covering a variety of subjects such as finding one’s identity, becoming a parent, the peaks and valleys of marriage, and appreciating the little things in life, like the way a tree gently sways in the breeze. Ms. Weaver has consciously layered the songs with lush vocal harmonies, an effect that evokes a strong emotional response from listeners. Her music enfolds you like a warm, soothing blanket on a crisp winter day. Despite several stops and starts due to pregnancies and a pandemic, Bereah have finally arrived with a beautiful LP that is cathartic in the way only music can be, in a time when we desperately need healing. Dallas Texas songwriter Jacob Metcalf is back with his newest single 'Dizzy', first from the soon-to-be released sophomore album Monitors (winter 2022). Previous efforts Strawberry Summer (2019) and Fjord (2016) have established Metcalf as an imaginative, ambitious songwriter with a love for grand symphonic gestures and an eye for the trivial and under-appreciated. Kelly Upshaw is the multi-instrumentalist singer for The Hope Trust. Kelly will be playing solo, playing some new songs and some from his multi-decade career. His influences include Spoon, Wilco and Radiohead. Kelly is going to be playing some stuff from the forth-coming The Hope Trust record. It will be exciting. It will change your life.


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122 E. McKinney Street · Denton, TX 76201

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