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Zine Club Night with Triangle Nonprofit Publishing

Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

Join Triangle Nonprofit Publishing, Central Arts, & Greater Denton Art Council as we continue our efforts to expand the artistic and literary tapestry of our great nation through the free distribution of new art and literature contributed by the general public!

Learn easy low-cost techniques for making your voice heard in the community and beyond! Come together with both original and like-minded creators to help impact the world through the nonprofit publishing of free contemporary public art and literature!

Explore economic models for publishing and art distribution you've only read about in weird books! As everything about this event and our similar FREE ZINE anthology event series is free at point of service for both readers and contributors, we are dependent upon the generous donations of those who wish to make our mission of serving the public through nonprofit art and literary publishing a reality!

Please make a donation today so we can keep creating free opportunities for creators of all skill levels and readers of all types! Every penny we bring in publishes creators and distributes free books! If you'd like to help but can't afford to donate, we are also running a drive for supplies such as cast-off office machines, paper, pens, and various general office supplies.

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