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ADULT ART WORKSHOP: Natural Dyes with Cutch

Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange

IN PERSON: Natural Dyes: Cutch
CLASS DATE: Saturday, January 29, 1-5pm
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 3 days before scheduled workshop
LOCATION: Oil and Cotton Studio
INSTRUCTOR: Sarita Westrup
CLASS LIMIT: 7 Students 

In the workshop participants will be introduced to the world of natural dyes. We will use Cutch natural dye extract to explore surface design in textiles! All participants will learn the basics of natural dyes, how to extract color for a cutch dye bath, natural dye vocabulary, material resources and how to prep cloth for the dye bath. Students will dye a handful of swatches, an organic tea towel, and an organic cotton bandana from Maiwa.

We will explore using a mordant called alum to receive browns on cloth. Mordants help the fiber take the natural dye and will alter your colors. Alum will brighten your colors and with an addition of iron, you can make the dye colors rich deep browns to black. With the addition of chalk you can get reddish browns.

Cutch is one of the most precious natural dyestuffs in the world. The plant material gives a colourfast shades of brown - cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove colors on cloth due to its rich tannin content, native to India, Burma, Indonesia and Peru. Cutch extract is derived from soaking parts of the Acacia catechu tree in hot water till a thick substance forms. It is then dried and pulverized to a powder consistency.


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