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Open Call: Art of Consent Competition & Art Show presented by NTARUPT

500X Gallery

“Art of Consent” Competition & Art Show 

Ntarupt is partnering with Dallas’ Gallery 500x to host its first-ever “Art of CONSENT” competition and artists exhibition. The goal is to showcase local, North Texas artists, while furthering conversations about CONSENT in relationships and how it empowers decision making on reproductive health, specifically regarding the prevention of teen pregnancies and STIs. 

Yes, no, stop, unsure. When it comes to “consent” in healthy relationships, it’s important young adults know not only how to express themselves, but why. 

Consent is still a confusing topic for teens. Most don’t fully understand what it means and when it needs to be given. And, unfortunately it is not always been taught at home, nor included in the newly adopted Sex Education Curriculum standards in Texas. Schools will focus more on abstinence and birth control than consent. 

Ntarupt is dedicated to providing information and resources to youth and their families to help them make the most informed choices about consent and what the consequences of unprotected sex could look like.

Exhibition Overview: January 22 - 30, 2022


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