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iPhone Photography

Dallas Center for Photography

We are all carrying around little storytelling machines in our pockets or purses. Our iPhone cameras can help us document both the everyday and the extraordinary and share it with others. iPhone photography has grown beyond Hipstamatic and special effects to the point that it’s hard to tell it was even shot with a phone.

In this shoot and review style workshop, you’ll learn how to take the best photos possible on your iPhone. We will talk about some editing and processing, but our focus will be on treating these phones as a powerful tool for documenting everything from daily life to exotic adventures.

The instructor will discuss camera exposure and focus control to ensure your photos come out the way you want. We’ll also explore using natural light, as well as composition tips, to make your images stand out from the crowd. You’ll learn about apps for editing, HDR imagery, time exposures and shooting panoramas.

We’ll practice these techniques on the streets of Dallas. You’ll have the opportunity for on-the-spot assistance from the instructor, as well as your fellow participants. After we’ve gotten our shots, we’ll head back to the classroom to review our images and get supportive feedback from the group. Shooting and reviewing as a group offers insights into your own and others’ photography. 

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  • $65-$75
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4756 Algiers Street · Dallas, TX 75207