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Fundamentals of Sports Photography

Dallas Center for Photography

Whether it’s a game-winning touchdown, knock-out punch, or celebration after a sunken putt, most of us probably have a favorite iconic sports image that still gives you chills. Sports photography is fast-paced, exciting, demanding and frustrating. A game can offer many opportunities to get great shots and provide the same opportunities to miss what could have been an amazing moment. But with lots of practice, you’ll become more comfortable working quickly and knowing what to look for to get professional-level sports photos.

In this three-class workshop, learn to be confident on the sidelines of the game knowing you’ve got everything covered. In the first online class, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the basics of sports shooting techniques, what to look for in a sports photo, and how to tell the story of the game through a variety of scene-setters, action, “sportraits” and detail frames.

For the on-location shoot, we will meet up in Dallas at an outdoor game or team practice to put into action what you learned in class. Please bring a mask for instances when you are near your fellow photographers.

The third class will be an online image review with a supportive critique and group discussion. We’ll end with a virtual gallery exhibit of selections from everyone’s images.


  • Timing: What and when to look for peak action; understand the game and learn to anticipate the play (Even though kids are unpredictable, follow the ball!).
  • Camera settings: Auto focus, burst mode, and back button focus are the must-haves for sports photos! Feeling comfortable with your exposure settings are your camera is key (ISO, F-stop, shutter speed). For this workshop, shooting in Manual mode is preferable for the most control.
  • Environment: How to control your environment and when you have absolutely no control over subjects or the outcome of the game.
  • Composition, cropping, and storytelling: Getting your eye to the action ASAP and giving your subject somewhere to go.
  • Ways to make sports interesting: Game action can get dull. That’s when portraits and environmental photographs of the crowds and sidelines can add pizazz.
  • Equipment best for sports photography: Renting is great for big ticket items!

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