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State of the Arts: Poisoned by Zip Code, Mended by Design

Dallas Museum of Art

KERA and the Dallas Museum of Art have partnered to bring this State of the Arts conversation on how design and art can play a role after an illegal dump is removed and cleaned up.

For years, a giant pile of hazardous waste plagued the Dallas neighborhood of Floral Farms. The notorious Shingle Mountain is gone now, but what happens next? How can design and art play a role in helping a community heal from environmental injustice?

In our latest State of the Arts conversation, join KERA’s Miguel Perez in conversation with C3 Featured Artist Ari Brielle, community activist Marsha Jackson, architect at HKS Erin Peavey and Evelyn Mayo of Downwinders at Risk.

State of the Arts: Poisoned by Zip Code, Mended by Design is an in-person event on Saturday, March 5, at the Dallas Museum of Art. Register for the free conversation here.

Ari Brielle is a visual artist born and based in Dallas, Texas. Her work explores the politicization and vastness of the Black American femme identity and experience. The artist’s site-specific installation Poisoned by Zip Code is on view at the Dallas Museum of Art. The multimedia installation is a part of the C3 exhibition Rooted, and explores the effects of environmental racism in Dallas, through the story of Marsha Jackson and Shingle Mountain.

Marsha Jackson is an environmental activist who advocated for the removal of the illegal dumping ground, known as Shingle Mountain, in the Southeast Dallas residential community of Floral Farms. Currently, Marsha is the co-chair of Southern Sector Rising, Downwinders At-Risk Board Member, Juanita Craft House Civil Rights Museum Board Member, Lane Plating EPA Superfund Community Advisory Group member, a Red Cross Disaster Team member and Disaster Recovery Operations Advisor.

Evelyn Mayo is the co-founder of RAYO planning. Mayo is also a fellow and professor at Paul Quinn College, and chair of the board of Downwinders at Risk, a 27-year-old DFW-based clean air advocacy group, which most recently got national attention for the campaign to shut down and clean up Shingle Mountain.

Erin Peavey is an Architect and Researcher at HKS, and podcast host of the podcast Shared Space. In her leadership role at HKS, she helps integrate research and practice to advance design for health, combat loneliness, and foster resilience across the globe. Peavey serves as the project lead for the Park for Floral Farms, a neighborhood-led effort to create a park space on the former site of Shingle Mountain.

You can watch the conversation virtually HERE. 


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