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Big Jake 50th Anniversary Panel: “The McCandles Family Reunion,” 1971-2021

The Cowboy Channel

Big Jake 50th Anniversary Panel: “The McCandles Family Reunion,” 1971-2021. Panelists include "Big Jake" stars: Patrick Wayne, Christopher Mitchum, and Ethan Wayne.

When "Big Jake" premiered in 1971, it was one of the biggest hits of the year and the last film directed by the legendary George Sherman. For Ethan Wayne, son of the legendary actor John Wayne, it was more of a family affair. Ethan, then only 9 years old, played the nephew of his real-life half-brother, Patrick Wayne, and grandson of his famed father.

"Big Jake" shares the story of the McCandles family as they are ranching alongside the Texas-Mexico border. The dreaded Fain gang, led by actor Richard Boone, attacks the family ranch and kidnaps grandson “Little Jake” McCandles. Matriarch Martha McCandles (portrayed by Maureen O’Hara) sends for her estranged husband, “Big Jake,” played by John Wayne, and the drama ensues.

Actor Chris Mitchum, who had already acted with John Wayne in several movies, starred alongside the Duke in the role of his son, Michael McCandles.

Mitchum, Patrick and Ethan Wayne will join Cowboy Channel Founder Patrick Gottsch and Cowboy Channel President Jeff Medders in the live panel discussion on the filming of the 1971 classic and its enduring legacy.

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