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Photo Walk: White Rock Lake

Dallas Center for Photography

With its tall wispy grasses, sailboats, historic deco buildings and winding trails, White Rock Lake is a popular spot to enjoy nature right in the middle of Dallas. Each time you go, you stumble upon new landscape, new architecture, new paths to venture down. Discover White Rock Lake with fresh eyes during this evening photo walk. At dusk, the colors and textures of the lake come alive, giving you a range of creative possibilities.

We’ll begin the photo walk at the boathouse by T&P Hill and walk along the trails toward the bridge by the White Rock dog park. Our instructor will be there to answer questions, offer suggestions, and give some feedback on your photos. After the photo walk, attendees will be able to walk around the lake independently.

A few days before the photo walk we’ll meet online for a brief Zoom session to go over logistics. Your instructor will give you some ideas of what to expect and photography tips to get you ready.

Any camera will do. If you plan to stay and shoot after sundown, bring a tripod; or if you have an iPhone 11 or later, you can get familiar with Night Mode, letting you do handheld long exposures.

Please bring a mask for instances when you are near your fellow photographers.

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  • $35
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  • 214-630-4909

4756 Algiers Street · Dallas, TX 75207