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Introduction to Astrophotography - Online

Dallas Center for Photography

Astrophotography is taking off in popularity because of the convergence of high quality, inexpensive consumer cameras, proliferation of GPS electronics and a pandemic that keeps us at home. Galileo redefined the relationship between mankind and the universe with a telescope far inferior to what you can buy today at Walmart for $44.95. His camera was a sketchpad. Today, with a $1000 telescope and a $600 camera (or much less) any of us can take images that exceed scientific observatories just a generation ago.

But, with all this capability already within your grasp at home or just an Amazon web page away, it can still be intimidating to figure out how to get started. There are buckets of YouTube videos that while helpful, still make it easier to just say “I’ll try this another day” rather than just getting out and taking your first image tonight.  Which you can!

This session will provide any photo enthusiast with the basics of how to get started in astrophotography. We’ll start with an overview of the 3 types of astrophotography: nightscapes, planets and deep sky objects. Then, demystify how to get started with your iPhone or the DSLR and lens you already have. We’ll cover connecting your DSLR to a telescope and how to process images with Photoshop and other astro-specific software packages.  We’ll differentiate between what’s “good enough” for your first images and how to grow into better and better images as you go. And of course, we’ll show lots of examples and how they were shot.

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4756 Algiers Street · Dallas, TX 75207