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One Poet One Hour - Virtual Event

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ZOOM Meeting.  Christine Irving, Denton Author and Poet will be presenting selected poems and collage artwork from her new book "Sun Strokes, An illuminated Pastiche of Collage, Poetry and Prose

About the Author:

Writer/artist Christine Irving claims collage as her art and poetry as her preferred literary genre.  But at heart, storytelling is what drives her work.  Christine believes story is the oldest form of teaching, recording, and celebrating the wisdom of a people.  Whether it be family, clan, or tribe; nation, empire or civilization, stories are the thread that weave each entity into a coherent whole.  Her work always aspires to contain a mustard seed of truth about human nature and its relationship with the surrounding universe. 

Christine is also an accomplished collage artist.  Although she once created, exhibited, and sold larger pieces, she now confines herself to creating smaller, more personal cards for her SoulCollage® deck.  She is also a SoulCollage® facilitator and enjoys teaching the system to others.  Although, writing has gradually become her main vocation, it delights her to merge both talents in Sun Strokes: An Illuminated Pastiche of Collage. Poetry & Prose.

Christine Irving is the author of seven books of poetry, including Sitting on the Hag Seat: A Knot of Celtic Poems, and Return to Inanna, the retelling of a Sumerian myth.  She has also written an historic novel, Magdalene A.D., about the later life and adventures of Mary Magdalene.  Her books are available on Amazon.  Learn more about Christine and her work at www.chrisineirving.com or on her blog Mused by Magdalene at https://magdalenesmuse.wordpress.com/ .



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