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WINTER Studio Kids Weekly Art (age 7-12)

Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange

Our award-winning Hands-On Art History art classes for kids run year-round, rain or shine, in place or in person.

Winter Session: Jan 4 - March 13 ($275)
Spring Session: March 20-May 28 ($275)
best deal Winter + Spring: Jan 4-May 28* ($500) * no class March 14-19
Register for Winter + Spring and we will refund you the savings.

Instructors: Erin Frisch & Shannon Driscoll
Included in Class Kit: Syllabus, all surfaces and special materials
Recommended : Home Studio Kit $30 (or use what you have, details below)
Class Kit and login information will be sent upon registration.

Does your kid LOVE to make art? This is your place! Let's dedicate time in the studio each week to develop your artistic practice and learn about all kinds of ways to create! This fun and engaging studio art class is designed to go beyond the basics elements of art: LINE, SHAPE, COLOR, TEXTURE, VALUE, and SPACE. We will use these elements according to the Principles of Design, like BALANCE, EMPHASIS, UNITY, and many more. We learn these concepts by studying artworks and inventing our own masterpieces. Our Hands On Art History program has been developed over twenty-five years by amazing artists and teachers and is an every-evolving system of lessons within our ten year curriculum for ages 2-12. Our goal is to give your child a strong visual vocabulary and access to culture, geography, history, and social-emotional learning through making art and talking about it together. We use all the stuff, too! Paint, charcoal, collage, printmaking, sculpture, and lots of drawing and laughing together.

Our instructors are experienced, educated, and mature. Get to know us!

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  • $275-$325

817 West Davis Street · #110 · Dallas, TX 75208