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Texas artist Francois Ignace “Adolphe” Gouhenant - Virtual

Allen Public Library

Francois Ignace “Adolphe” Gouhenant was multilingual, a painter, revolutionary, photographer and musician.  Celebrated as Dallas’s first artist in residence, Adolphe immigrated to Texas from France in 1848.  Establishing a utopian community known as New Icaria was his original plan.  New Icaria was located near present day Justin in Denton County. This community preceded the more well-known La Réunion utopian colony in Dallas. New Icaria was fraught with challenges, which included land disputes and numerous deaths due to malaria.  

Learn about the life of Adolphe Gouhenant with Paula Selzer, the co-author of Adolphe Gouhenant: French Revolutionary, Utopian Leader, and Texas Frontier Photographer at a live virtual event at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, January 28  at www.AllenTV.org  Submit questions until 8:30 p.m. that evening through [email protected]


Recognized as the first art gallery in Dallas, Adolphe opened the “Arts Saloon,” which was located on the square in downtown Dallas.  Becoming a popular venue by hosting premier exhibitions, making daguerreotypes (first publicly available photographic process), offering music and art lessons, Spanish and French classes, large and enthusiastic crowds were quite evident.

An avid photographer, Paula's  photographs and mixed media art have been shown throughout Texas and the Mid-Atlantic region. She has worked on numerous film and video productions as a photographer, writer, and director.

Paula is a third great-granddaughter of Adolphe Gouhenant.

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