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Softer Fields: 2021 TCU MFA Candidacy Exhibition

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts - The Art Galleries at TCU

Softer Fields

2021 TCU MFA Candidacy Exhibition

Fernando Alvarez, Doug Land., Adrianna Touch & Corrie Thompson 

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

January 22 – February 20, 2021

Virtual Exhibition Materials

Upcoming Artist Talks (Both talks will livestream on the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Facebook Page)

  • February 5th at 1pm: Artist Discussion with Adrianna Touch and Corrie Thompson
  • February 12th at 1pm: Artist Discussion with Fernando Alvarez and Doug Land

The Art Galleries at TCU are pleased to present Softer Fields, the 2021 MFA Candidacy Exhibition featuring new works by Fernando Alvarez, Doug Land., Adrianna Touch, and Corrie Thompson. Softer Fieldsis a selection of works that collectively points towards a state of balance in the midst of tension. Through interdisplinary explorations in sculpture, drawing, painting, and the use of found objects, the artists dissect liminal zones associated with culture, emotion and belief. Their works traverse the spaces between identity and history, play and labor, fear and peace, truth and myth. In lieu of an opening reception, the artists will host online events to coincide with the exhibition, details to follow. Softer Fields opens at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts on Friday, January 22nd, and runs through February 20th, 2021.

Honduran artist Fernando Alvarez received his BFA in Drawing & Painting from the University of North Texas in 2014. His current work addresses cultural identity affected by displacement and time. Through the use of language, Alvarez confronts the involuntary exchange of culture that occurs with each passing moment of a diasporic life. His text-based objects highlight the powerlessness that is cultivated by the varied immigrant experience while questioning ownership of the “self.”

Doug Land. received his undergraduate degree from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009. As an avid gardener, amateur naturalist, and general collector of things, his current body of work with live plants and organic material encompasses the idea that everything is temporary and that every lie is wrapped in truth. Please touch the artwork, but be aware that some of it is alive, or was. 

Adrianna Touch received her BFA in Drawing & Painting from the University of North Texas in 2017. Touch showcases a body of work that reflects on an incomplete inheritance resulting from familial loss. Working in clay, sand, and arrangements of objects, Touch recreates domestic items from memory to build imaginative forms that honor her grandmothers, while at the same time, reconstruct her own identity as a Cambodian-American woman. 

Corrie Thompson received her BA in Fine Arts from North Park University, Chicago in 2013. In her current body of work, she explores the loaded imagery of night time - shadow and light, movement and stillness, quiet and noise - to bridge the gap between formative experiences of fear and wonder. Using the materiality of graphite on paper in combination with tense compositions, Thompson’s works propose a theoretical space where unease and the sublime converse with, rather than oppose, one another. 

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The Art Galleries at TCU are a dynamic cultural resource presenting unique exhibitions and projects by inspiring contemporary artists. Through a rigorous curatorial process of research, creative collaboration and interdisciplinary partnerships, the galleries showcase excellent artistic practice and high-quality art, while supporting experimentation and innovation. To support students and faculty, the galleries act as a catalyst for critical dialogue and provide a vital avenue for professional development through investigation of contemporary art practices.

* In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TCU students, faculty and staff must make an appointment to view exhibitions. The Art Galleries at TCU will remain closed to off-campus visitors through the Spring 2021 semester. However, we will continue to produce online content and exhibitions, available to the TCU community and our public audience worldwide. For more information about this exhibition, images for press, or details about other activities of The Art Galleries at TCU please visit the Galleries website www.theartgalleries.tcu.edu, email [email protected], or call 817-257-2588.

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