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Art Park 2020 Outside Gallery Show at the Bath House Cultural Center

Bath House Cultural Center

Art Park 2020!

The Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center organization is hosting an outdoor art gallery during daylight hours  in White Rock Lake Park just north of the Bath House Cultural Center.

The exhibit features 90+ Dallas artists from the White Rock Lake Artists Tour, Goldmark Cultural Center,  and the Bath House Cultural Center.  Outside and socially-distanced, 15 fence panels, each at 8 feet in length, will meander through the live oak trees with a backdrop of White Rock Lake and the Dallas skyline.

Family-friendly, the theme of the art is “White Rock Lake.”  Once the outdoor exhibition closes, the art will be displayed outside the Goldmark Cultural Center, 13999 Goldmark Drive, Dallas, TX.

We wish to express our thanks to the City of Dallas' departments, the Office of Arts and Culture, and Park and Recreation for their wholehearted support in making this exhibition a possibility.  And special thanks to BlueBonnet Frames for providing the acrylic sheets to the artists.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Artists: David Alkire, Ruda Anderson, Rita Barnard, Julia Bell, Lyla Bell, Savannah Bell, Rebecca Boatman, Kathy Boortz, Lynn Smiser Bowers, Jakob Brodnax, Janis Browning, Cleo Byrd, Brenda Catlett, Vicki Charlotta, Du Chau, Sharin Clark, Susan Paulson Clark, Nancy Cole, Stephanie Combs, Elaine Copeland, Sundee Corley, Lisa Covert, Henry Davila, Leslie Davis, Viola Delgado, Don Dixon, Betsy Doan, Jan Dreskin-Haig, David Farrell, Max Farrell, Nancy Ferro, Pamela Fine, Jacque Forsher, Merry Fuherer, Julia Gibson, Ruth Ann Glover, Lin Gold, Niki Gulley, Jewell Harper, John Harper, Robert Harper, Berry Hawkins, Akarian Hicks, Rachel Hoehn, Clara Johnson, Barbara Jones, Larry Paul Jones, Jenny Keller, Kevin Koch, Eva Kustarne, Andrea Lamarsaude, Amy & Clara Lewis, Angie Livesay, Kathleen Lynch, Kathy Mackey, Laurie McClurg, Monique Mejan, Margo Miller, Eliana Miranda, Beverly Ann Moore, Ellen Moore, Laura Moore, Mr. Mo, Cole Newman, Nomaan Nur, Becky Phillips, Pat Porter, Robert Porter, Marty Ray, Richard Ray, G. G. Reid, Matha E. Roberts, Robert Romero, Louise Rosenfield, Lynn Rushton, Brenda Sanchez, George Sanchez, Sharon Shero, April Soucrant, T (Terri) Stone, Don Taylor, Silvia Thorton, Cecilia Thurmond, Erin Venza, Vet, Katherine Wagner, Lori Whitaker, Dana Prouix-Willis, Kelsey Willis, Steve Wright, and Joseph Yeh. 


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