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Beginner Digital Photography Class Series

Dallas Center for Photography

This class series builds from a basic introduction of the camera and its controls to the concepts and settings that determine exposure and focus. If you have a new digital camera or are coming back to photography after a long break this is the place to start.
What you will learn in this class series:

  • Buttons and dials: locating and deciphering the physical controls on your camera.
  • Basic menus & settings: file size, quality, file formats (JPG, RAW) white balance and ISO.
  • How it works: the difference between mirrorless and DSLR cameras and what goes on when you take a picture.
  • Exposure: a thorough explanation of shutter speeds, f-stops, and their relationship to ISO and light.
  • Motion blur and depth of field: understanding the creative side of f-stops and shutter speed is key to better photos!
  • Exposure modes: you’ll learn how to actually control f-stop, shutter speed and exposure by moving beyond the green Auto mode and understanding the difference between P-A-S-M, (P-Av-Tv-M)
  • Variable program mode: the hidden Program exposure mode that allows quick, creative control.
  • Built-in flash: when to just say no and how to keep the flash from popping up at the wrong times.
  • Focusing modes: If it’s called auto focus, why do some photos still turn out blurry or are focused in the wrong place? Learn control of where your camera focuses with focus point selection. Then learn about when the camera focuses and the difference between settings like AF-S/A/C (Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Lumix) and One Shot, Ai Focus, Ai Servo (Canon).
  • Putting your new skills to work: You’ll receive some prompts and ideas for shooting photos using the concepts you’ve learned.

We've also added a shoot and review session which is usually the favorite part of any workshop!

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  • $150-$175
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4756 Algiers Street · Dallas, TX 75207