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Snack Science Video Series for Kids

Virtual Event

Want to keep your child entertained and learning during this unexpected out of school time? Then these 3 to 4 minute videos are for you! HealthStart Foundation is sharing from our award-winning Snack Science Workshop series. HealthStart’s Snack Science series teaches young children how their brain, bones, circulatory system, muscles and digestion work and how to keep them healthy.

Our Snack Science videos use science experiments, fun, healthy snack “art”, songs, fitness activities, and more to keep your children healthy, happy, and learning!

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Upcoming Schedule:

Tuesday, May 12th - Muscle that Always Move: Stomach
Thursday, May 14th - Muscles You Move
Tuesday, May 19th - The Building Blocks of Muscle
Thursday, May 21st - The Zax (Storytime)
Tuesday, May 26th - Apple Sandwich
Thursday, May 28th - Down In The Mouth: Your Teeth
Tuesday, June 2nd - Spit and Other Liquids: Your Stomach
Thursday, June 4th - The Long & Short of It: Your Intestine
Tuesday, June 9th - Mabel The Tooth Fairy (storytime)
Thursday, June 11th - Watermelon Pizza Snack

Want more information? Check out our website at www.healthstartfoundation.org.

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