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Sudeep Kumar – VAST’s November Guest Artist Presentation

Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

Please join The Visual Arts Society of Texas (VAST), for a wonderful presentation by Sudeep Kumar, an award-winning artist living in Frisco Texas. Sudeep will present information on sketching, including a sketching demo followed by a hands-on activity. 
He will also share information about the Urban Sketchers global community, the Dallas/Fort Worth local chapter and how someone can join these groups. 

Art for Sudeep is like a meditation, a silent conversation with self. On one hand, his work is either capturing the energy/mood of a place or event and presenting it to the audience to have them connect to the subject more closely as if it’s an integral part of their life. On the other hand, it’s a portrait of human emotions underneath our daily struggle for survival or mundane day-to-day activities. 

In today’s world of technological advancements, he feels that we as a species are losing touch with our surroundings, our environment, our fellow human beings. The real connection or intimacy is missing. This is what he tries to present to the audience, to have them take a step back from their busy life and explore their surroundings fully. 

He uses charcoal, ink pen, and watercolor to create artworks and try to use minimum media/material to keep them simple without impacting the message they convey.
For more than a decade he has been drawing, sketching, painting, teaching, exhibiting, learning and inspiring the community. He is also a Faculty of Art of Living foundation, teaching meditation and breathing technique for overall well-being for all individuals. 

To find out more about Sudeep, see: https://www.artzolo.com/artist/sudeep-kumar-bashyal

The event is free for VAST members and $5 for non-members.  

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400 E. Hickory St. · Denton, TX 76201