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Kitchen Dog's 'The Totalitarians' Offers The Political Campaign As Trainwreck

A political satire that lets Tina Parker play a former roller derby queen running for office. The politics get muddled, but no matter. Parker's got the craziness covered.

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 Samantha Hernandez found the scarf and snagged the last #arthunt prize-- two tickets to Kessler theater. Hope you've enjoyed #artcon11 as much as we have! Don't forget to check our website for more upcoming arts and entertainment events.  Sandra Silva found the pink crown, so she's walking away with tickets to the Bruce Wood Dance Project! Thanks for playing our #arthunt at #artcon11, Sandra!  Lizbet Palmer found the green button at #artcon11 #arthunt. She won tickets to @dallassymphony's "Chistmas Spirituals."  Sarah Zamora won tickets to Sammons Jazz at @Sammons Center for the Arts at #arthunt at @artconspiracy!  #arthunt winner Aron Alfaro scored big with tix to Wild Kratts Live! at #artcon11!  Join @artandseektx at @artconspiracy this weekend for an #arthunt. Hunt down the person wearing this and win a prize!  Join @artandseektx @artconspiracy this weekend for an #arthunt. Find the person wearing this and win a prize at #artcon11 !   #flaminglips @untappedfest   Congratulations to Devin Rodgers of Arlington, this week's #flickrphotooftheweek contest winner for his Aurora photo. Learn how to enter the contest and see past winners at artandseek.org. Devin: This was taken during the @dallasaurora on Oct. 16, 2015 at the exhibit outside the Dallas Black Dance Academy building on Flora & Routh Streets. This exhibit featured several spotlights shining up into the sky and when people interacted with the lights by waving their hands over and breaking the beam of light sounds would reverberate through speakers in the plaza. People had gathered around the spotlights and were playing with the sound the lights were emitting, like some kind of otherworldly orchestra. There were some kids playing with one of the lights and for a brief moment placed a yellow balloon over the beam of light, which created this great glow on the girl’s face. Her expression of absolute wonder and awe was glorious to see, and I’m glad I was able to capture just such a fleeting moment. Of all the pictures I took that evening I think this was the one picture that best encapsulated the feeling of the evening for me, and the sensation that I think the Aurora event should inspire, especially in young children.  artandseektx Congratulations to Michael Hogan of North Richland Hills, this week's #flickrphotooftheweek winner for his photo "Haunted House and the Texas Star." Learn to enter the contest and see past winners at artandseek.org. Michael: I've never been inside the haunted house and I've never been on the Texas Star. Maybe next year. Timing is everything on a sunset shot like this. I took similar photos a few minutes before, and a few minutes after this one and they did not turn out as well.
 Iris and Sadie just found the yellow slicker and got a pair of tix to If/Then. Only one prize to go at our #artcon11 #arthunt  Kale found the chameleon purse during our 9:00 #arthunt and won tickets to the DSO's Christmas concert. We're still at #artcon11 giving away tons of prizes!  Breanne Schwarz found the the tie at @artconspiracy's #artcon11 #arthunt She won tickets to @kxtradio Holiday Concert at the Granada.  Mary Katherine McElroy finds KERA's @sylvia_komatsu and her cute pet rat and wins tix to @thedallasarboretum #artcon11 #arthunt  Join @artandseektx at @artconspiracy tonight for an #arthunt. Hunt down the person wearing this and win a prize!  Congratulations to @jaymearl of Keller, this week's #flickrphotooftheweek contest winner for his The Bookrworm photo. To learn how to enter the contest and see past winners go to artandseekseek.org. James: (Took this picture on) a day at the Abilene Public Library with my nephew.  Join @artandseektx @artconspiracy this weekend for an #arthunt. Find the person wearing this and win a prize at #artcon11 !  Chatted with @happierman and @planetoffinks about @welcometonightvaleseries at the @dallaspubliclibrary. Beware of #librarians!!  Even the littles love the art @northparkcenter @shelleyokradio  Congratulations to @robphotoworld of Dallas this week's #flickrphotooftheweek contest winner for his photo 'Elvis Rides Again.' Learn how to enter contest and see past winners at artandseek.org Robert: "the Elvii are always a popular contingent at the State Fair of Texas opening day parade through downtown Dallas. I looked for a spot without any spectators on the opposite curb and hoped to get a solo Elvii shot. Right when I found the spot the motorcycle cop parked just inside the frame and pulls out his phone to get his own picture of an Elvii doing a wheelie. It's the cop in the background that makes this pic. The bulk of my work is international street photography, mostly recently Iran, Columbia and Guatemala. This picture reminds me there are plenty of fun subjects to shoot right here at home."
 Spencer's determination to win Shakey Graves tickets paid off at #arthunt! Only two prizes left during #artcon11… will you be one of the lucky winners?  Congrats to Adaeynah Bohorquez, who's leaving #artcon with a pair of tickets to Bodytraffic at ATTPAC! Play our #arthunt and you could win too!  The auctions are on! Look for our projector for clues to the #arthunt #artcon  Alison mark found @artconspiracy board pres @cyclegal2200 and her goggles. She won tix to Dallas city performance hall. #arthunt #artcon11  It's almost time #artcon #arthunt Come play a game with us  Join @artandseektx at @artconspiracy this weekend for an #arthunt. Find the person carrying this and win a prize at #artcon11!  Join @artandseektx @artconspiracy for #arthunt. Find the person wearing this and win a prize at #artcon11  Our view at #emeraldcity concert at the @thedallasarboretum! @shelleyokradio #coolthursdays  It's a great day to check out the fashion exhibition at @northparkcenter! Celebrating 50 years of #art and #fashion. #dallas #bestmallever @shelleyokradio  Trombone Shorty blowing dat horn! @reuniontower #thereunion @tromboneshorty @shelleyokradio @aaronsprings #nolajazz
Check out Art&Seek's latest videos on YouTube Just after getting some fresh ink on his arm, Frank Turner met up with the On The Road crew at the Truck Yard in Dallas to play a few acoustic versions of tracks from his latest release “Positive Songs For Negative People."

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